My Services.

I draw from the intersection of user research, content design/text, graphic design and illustration. My multidisciplinary approach allows for the creation of well-rounded and unique projects. Whenever possible, consultation with a professional network of colleagues is utilised to ensure the highest possible quality.

Research and Participation

When developing appropriate media for young people, it's crucial to understand their psychosocial needs and resources. Effective user research begins with participative and age-appropriate methods that encourage children to develop agency, curiosity and new skills.

Children can be included in the design process through creative workshops and interactive sessions. Thus, they learn that they are not merely consumers of a product, but valuable co-creators who are able to change the world around them. Helping children from all walks of life understand and support social justice can shift individual lives and whole societies.

Psychosocial Content and Literacy

The creation of sensitive and age-appropriate content lies at the heart of psychosocial media. A deeper understanding of psychological concepts is important in the development of child-friendly language and communications design.

Psychosocial content can help children develop emotional literacy, but it can also improve general media literacy and convey important knowledge about human rights and safety. Intersectional frameworks support both children and professionals in broadening and exploring diversity and equity.

Graphic Design and Communication

All forms of communication have to be considered when creating age-appropriate and psychosocial media. Children of all backgrounds are influenced by images they encounter or experience in printed and electronic media. Therefore, it is vital to use visual and design elements that are appropriate and in line with socially responsible messages. Comprehensive user research feeds into sensitive graphic design. Professionals can help raise awareness for specific issues; however, it is important to include young people as the experts of their own lives.

Illustration and Character Design

Illustrations open doors to imaginary worlds. Oftentimes images, not words, form our first impressions and they tend to linger longer in our memories. A comprehensive use of visual design facilitates communication beyond words. Children naturally try to identify with the qualities of illustrated characters presented to them. Within this context, it is important to be mindful of diversity and differences portrayed in media. Therefore, providing an appropriate mirror for children of various ages, ethnicities, genders, abilities, body types, cultures and religions is vitally important.